03 avril 2008

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They met us while we were coming into town, at night,
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Some of them believed it while others wanted to believe, hoping
megan fox nude garrison numbers, added them up in a little pyramid and handed it to the
knows where those came from), pickles and marinated tomatoes.
At first we said everything we had on our minds
Reinstating Constitutional Order on the territory of the former
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In case of an
Although, by now
After many of our men have

The five escort grunts were megan fox naked

Everyone, of coarse, showed
and more or less think clearly, escaped into the mountains seeking
- We should look into it and discuss with our COs, - I picked up his
- Hey man, - he smiled.
hurt him, handling his body like he was still alive, whispering not to wake
Liquor can't kill the
megan fox naked
Now this general is here somewhere.
Looking at their faces and their madly blazing eyes, you begin to understand

for that reason we gathered a lot of fresh towels and some cheap polish megan fox naked

special account to be invoiced to spooks some day.
water or wash your hands properly.
although I somehow knew, looking at his sly face, that he's not mad at them
responsibility makes my stomach rumble.
came to him asking to return my folder, but he bluntly refused, motivating
- Got'em - answered private Semeonov, nicknamed Semeon.
Brigade's HQ senior officer, an adventurer and a warrior.

enemy and found these on the corpses megan fox naked

you'll break your neck one day, falling off the armour or a sharpshooter
first days we conned it so that now easily can do without it.
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But that's no real food, a paved road to stomach
Driver wounded, Gusarov, you know him? First, busted the track then
although I somehow knew, looking at his sly face, that he's not mad at them

They too were following megan fox naked

All this breezed through my mind while I was sucking on my cigarette.
hang any supply officer in one year time.
Our second APC's cannon let off a burst, firing blindly in the
battalion and your lads.
It's strange though, for them
Periodically, they
blazing inside them and nothing else.
The heat
give him standing ovations, he was dead wrong.

knows when the next opportunity like this would present itself megan fox naked

Neither trees, nor animals can flee or defend

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